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inspired by nature


We are a company committed to fight for the preservation of the planet and passionate about the development of technologies inspired by nature.


Our vision is to be a leading global company capable of generating a substantial change in the environment. We want to provide spaces free of atmospheric pollution to improve the quality of life of people, thus reducing their chances of contracting respiratory diseases. We also seek to inspire other companies to join a circular economy model in the context of smart cities.

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Respect for the environment

We are aware of the problems we have caused the planet and its consequences. We have taken action to remedy them; and we not only recognize the importance of the environment for the success of each business, but also its influence on the health, happiness and balance it generates in societies.

Empowerment and learning

The talent of each of our collaborators is the intangible and most valuable of the company. We attract people who are passionate about the “Green” philosophy and as a corporate, we encourage continuous learning in each of the members.

Constant innovation

As a technology-based company; On the one hand, we are in constant research in the area of ​​microalgae for the bioremediation of greenhouse gases, and on the other, in the analysis of data for the development of products that meet the specific needs of our customers.


Biomitech is formed by a multidisciplinary team of biologists, engineers, researchers, specialists in business, marketing and finance, for the development of new technological solutions.

Carlos Monroy

Juan González

Ángel Bautista

Manuel Priego
Laboratory Chief

Efficient, sustainable and low carbon cities

We are a akadjdjd with a strong conviction in developing technology inspired by nature for the preservation of the planet.