7 million annual deaths are due to air pollution (WHO).

In Mexico alone there are 22 thousand deaths due to environmental pollution.

In Mexico more than 1.3 billion pesos are spent on environmental protection expenses (INEGI).



The increasing rate of environmental pollution in relation to the number of diseases related to it, has generated different types of global trends and public initiatives, which promote the development of practices and technologies that minimize the impact in different levels of society from air pollutants.

Given the environmental problems and through a rigorous market study, we detected a business opportunity, between the relationship that exists with the increase of various emissions released to the environment based on the development of sustainable solutions, based on a Circular Economy principle.

That is why the Biomimetic technological innovation team, in collaboration with various companies and research centers, designed, patented and developed BioUrban. A biofiltration system of atmospheric pollutants based on microalgae, focused on improving air quality.

We revolutionize technology by strengthening a link with nature to reduce environmental pollution



BioUrban 1.0

BioUrban 1.0 Ashtray

BioUrban 2.0

Carbon footprint 0

Self-sustaining system


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