ISR Deductible

The acquisition of green technologies is 100% deductible from ISR (Mexico).

LEED certification

LEED certification score under the air quality modality for work spaces.

Surplus value

Increase of surplus value by 15% to the value of the property.

EMA Certification

Product certified by the Mexican Accreditation Entity (EMA).

Intelligent system

Intelligent system with air quality indicators.

Pure lease.

Cigarette collector

It serves as a collector of cigarette waste, preventing cigarette butts from contaminating other means.


The quality of our systems is supported by the following studies and certifications.


Determination of gas flow in a conduit through the Pitot tube.


Atmospheric Pollution – Fixed Sources – Determination of the emission of particles contained in the gases flowing through a conduit – Isokinetic Method.


Terminology used in the topic of air pollution.


Determination of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and oxygen in the combustion gases.


Determination of the moisture content in the gases that flow through a conduit (gravimetric method).

Method EPA 25A.

Determination of total gaseous organic concentration using an flame ionization.

Method EPA 3A:2008.

Determination of Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide concentrations in emissions from stationary sources.

Method EPA 10:2008.

Determination of Carbon Monoxide emissions from stationary sources (Instrumental analyzer procedure).

Method EPA 7E:2006.

Determination of Nitrogen oxides emissions from stationary sources(Instrumental analyzer procedure).

NOM 003 SCFI 2000

Products electronics / specifications of security.

Efficient, sustainable and low carbon cities

We are a akadjdjd with a strong conviction in developing technology inspired by nature for the preservation of the planet.